Seminar on environmental effects from offshore wind energy exploitation 12. mai 2010

Offshore renewable energy is currently the main focus to meet the demands of clean and sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. Achievements in the technical field allow for harvest of energy at sites that was previously not available for the industry, including deep water and open ocean conditions. While progress has been made in building an understanding for environmental issues of wind‐farms in more sheltered marine areas, such as in the Baltic Sea, limited data are available from high energy and deep sites. The recent interest for development in the Norwegian Sea provides excellent research opportunities to study the effect at the marine environment in such habitats.

The seminar will take place at VilVite in Bergen (close to University of Bergen).

You can use Rica Hotel Bergen if you need acccomodation. UoB has an agreement with the hotel.

The seminar is organized by Uni Research in cooperation with NORCOWE.

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