Measuring coherence and turbulence with Lidars (COTUR)

By, Martin Flügge, Yngve Heggelund and Annette F. Stephansen (all CMR)


The NORCOWE partners CMR, University of Bergen and the University of Stavanger have signed a collaboration agreement with Equinor for performing a wind measurement campaign, involving scientific instrumentation from the OBLO infrastructure project. The measurement campaign involves the deployment of three scanning Lidar systems, one vertical wind profiler Lidar and a passive microwave radiometer at Obrestad Fyr in Rogaland, southwestern Norway. Starting in October, it is planned to perform measurements for a period of one year with the aim to improve our knowledge regarding offshore wind turbulence and horizontal coherence, with respect to offshore wind energy. The collected data will be highly relevant with respect to load estimations on multi-megawatt offshore wind turbines and will contribute to offshore wind energy research in the coming years. The key research questions that the NORCOWE partners want to address with this field campaign are highly related to the characteristics of horizontal coherence at an (close to) offshore site, in addition, to the comparison of the observed horizontal coherence to industry standards.


A comprehensive summary of the COTUR measurement campaign can be found in the COTUR overview presentation of Yngve Heggelund that was given at the 2018 Science Meets Industry conference in Bergen.




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