The presentations from Science Meets Industry Stavanger 2017 are available

The yearly conference Science Meets Industry Stavanger took place on Wednesday the 29th of March, at Måltidets Hus.

Photo by Claude R. Olsen

The conference was organized by NORCOWE in collaboration with Greater Stavanger and Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster.
This year novel concepts within offshore wind were in focus, with presentations from Offshore Kinetics, Stiesdal A/S, Gwind, Sea Twirl, Seawind Systems and Hexicon.

Some major results from NORCOWE were presented by Christian Michelesen Research, UiS and UiA.

Photo: Hexicon

 Available presentations are available here:

Introduction and welcome

Industrializing floating wind power Pepe Carnevale, TetraSpar A/S

GWind – status and further development Jean Baptiste Curien, GWind

Sea Twirl floating VAWT Gabriel Strängberg, Sea Twirl

Seawind two bladed offshore wind system Martin Jakubowski, Seawind Systems

Doubling up on economy of scale – Hexicon to install 10 MW floating multi turbine platform Eduard Dyachuk, Hexicon

Dynamic Responses of Jacket-Type Offshore Wind Turbines using Decoupled and Coupled Models Muk Chen Ong, UiS

The NORCOWE heritage – and future challenges Highlights from NORCOWE and new challenges Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa, CMR/NORCOWE

Wind loads due to turbulence and structural vibrations Jasna Bogunovic Jakobsen and Etienne Cheynet, UiS (two separate presentations)

Met/ocean measurements as part of OWT test and verifications Kristin G. Frøysa

Norwegian Motion Lab at UiA Witold Pawlus, UiA


Video from Norwegian Motion Lab

More information about NORCOWE scientific results

Popular science articles from NORCOWE

Use offshore wind to cut CO2-emissions from Norwegian road transportation (in Norwegian)



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