NORCOWE has developed several tools and facilities during its eight years of operations. We present some of them here:


Open source code/available data:


Uni Research has revised a mesoscale wind farm model implemented in the open source Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) code

Uni Research has done a revision of the wind farm models implemented in the current and previous versions of WRF.

The new implementation contains new routines for turbine drag calculations and new models of turbine produced turbulent kinetic energy, which ultimately changes the simulated power output from each turbine in the farm.

To receive the open source revised wind farm module, please fill in the on-line form. No fees are entailed. We will be in touch shortly.


NORCOWE reference wind farm

The NORCOWE reference wind farm is one of the most complete reference wind farms defined and is being used in the work of IEA Wind Task 37. The work has been presented at the conference NORCOWE 2016, and a complete description is available to the public from the dedicated webpage. Information and data concerning the wind farm is available for free upon registration. A scientific article about the work is forthcoming, while a popular science article is available in Norwegian here. The reference wind farm is joint work by Aalborg University and Uni Research in close collaboration with NORCOWE's user partners.


Facilities and equipment (available for rent/project proposals):


Mobile motion lab stationed in Bergen, Norway

Recently UiA and CMR received funding from NFR for an outdoor transportable motion platform which allows for testing at research partner sites.

This equipment is intended for sensor testing (e.g. LIDARs) onshore or offshore, and for testing heavy or large equipment at the costumer’s site. The Mobile Motion Lab platform will be operated by CMR and based in Bergen and is part of the Norwegian Motion Laboratory.



We have now completed the vendor selection, and a purchase order has been issued for an E-motion 1500 system from Bosch-Rexrot customized for outdoor applications. This system has a payload capacity of 1500kg and actuator stroke of 650mm, and will be mounted on a trailer with extendable stabilization legs and diesel powered aggregates to enable independent field operations. Technical details and functional specifications may be found here: https://www.boschrexroth.com/en/xc/industries/machinery-applications-and-engineering/motion-simulation-technology/products-and-solutions/6dof-motion-platform/emotion-1500/index

Delivery is expected by the beginning of 2017, and we aim to complete system integration and have the Mobile Motion Lab operational and field deployable by Q2 2017.  

Benny Svardal, CMR, is project manager. 

Request for further information.

Motion lab at University of Agder

The Motion Lab is funded by the University of Agder, NORCOWE and the Research Council of Norway. The lab can be booked by students, researchers a and external partners for performing tests and measurements. Fees are discounted for NORCOWE members. The equipment includes two Stewart-platforms; the EMotion-1500 and the EMotion-8000. A full description of the motion lab, including equipment, videos and contact persons, can be found on the dedicated webpage. A presentation of the Motion Lab, given at the conference NORCOWE 2016, is available here. An interview with PhD Magne B. Kjelland, who did his PhD working with motion compensation using the Motion Lab, can be found here (in Norwegian).


OBLO - Offshore Boundary Layer Observatory

In collaboration with the Christian Michelsen Research AS, the University of Bergen provides and operates state-of-the-art instrumentation and measurement capabilitites for a wide range of atmospheric and oceanographic parameters relevant for offshore wind energy application. The OBLO instrumentation is available for public and private research institutions dealing with wind energy. The project also offers services for planning and execution of field deployments and post analysis of the gathered data. A presentation about OBLO was held at the 2016 NORCOWE conference Science Meets Industry Bergen. Details about the equipment and contact persons can be found on the dedicated webpage.







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