Concluding the OBLEX-F1 campaign

The first measurement results of the Offshore Boundary-Layer Experiment (OBLEX-F1), which has just concluded its year long run at the German wind energy research platform FINO1, were presented at the NORCOWE concluding conference in Bergen and the IRPWind conference in Amsterdam. First analysis of the LiDAR data clearly show that our measurements resolve the structures in the turbulent wind turbine wake. Also, data from the passive microwave radiometer show good agreement with coastal radiosonde measurements at Norderney and Schleswig in Germany.



The campaign started in May 2015, and on October 5th 2016 the decommissioning of the campaign instrumentation was completed. Both the measurement site in very close vicinity to the Alpha Ventus wind farm and the long duration of this campaign contribute to the uniqueness of the gathered dataset. After the return to Bergen, the lidars and the radiometer will be subjected to post-validation and service. The first impression is that the instruments have handled deployment in the offshore environment quite well.
The data will first be made available for NORCOWE partners and collaboration institutions and partners. For more information about data availability, contact NORCOWE director Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa.


OBLEX-F1 - atmosphere (presentation held at NORCOWE 2016 by Martin Flügge, CMR)

OBLEX-F1 - ocean (presentation held at NORCOWE 2016 by Mostafa Bakhoday Paskyabi, University of Bergen)






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