The Geophysical Institute has within NORCOWE has recently started a close collaboration with FORWIND and the University of Oldenburg.

Based on data sets collected during the OBLEX-F1 campaign, 3 master projects have been initiated in Oldenburg with the co-supervison by Prof. Joachim Reuder from the Geophysical Institute at UiB.
- David Wagner (main supervisor Hauke Wurps): Case study and modeling of a Low Level Jet event within the southern North Sea
- Anja Külpmann (main supervisor: Anna Rieke Mehrens): Case study of mesoscale wind fluctuations during cold-air outbreaks
- Arnd Marius Fligg (main supervisor: Björn Witha): Validation of remotely sensed wind, temperature and humidity profiles against radiosoundings.

All three master projects are mainly based on the wind profiles from the Leosphere Windcube 100S scanning lidars and the temperature and humidity profiles measured by the HATPRO RG4 passive microwave profilers. Read more about OBLEX-F1 here.

The picture shows from left to right: David Wagner, Arnd Marius Fligg, and Anja Külpmann



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