Mapping offshore winds

The Offshore Boundary-Layer Experiment (OBLEX-F1) at the German wind energy research platform FINO1 is running since May 2015. During the last year, NORCOWE has gathered an extensive data set which includes both point and remote measurements of the wind field in and around the Alpha Ventus wind farm. To our knowledge, a measurement campaign at an offshore wind energy site which applies remote wind field, temperature and humidity measurements for a duration of 13 months has never been performed before. This makes the OBLEX-F1 dataset unique in the field of offshore wind energy research. The dataset includes seasonal information on wind speed profiles, in addition to atmospheric stability, temperature- and humidity profiles at an offshore wind energy site. Simultaneously remote measurements of the wind, temperature and humidity provide a unique opportunity in accurately portraying the interaction of wind turbines with the marine atmospheric boundary layer. This includes investigation of wind speed dependency as a function of atmospheric stability and sea-state, turbine wake effects and large-scale and small-scale turbulence processes.

The OBLEX-F1 campaign is scheduled to continue until September 2016. In the remaining three months, the NORCOWE scientific staff will run a series of specialized LiDAR scan patterns to investigate the horizontal coherence for low intensity turbulence regimes, and to estimate simultaneous wind speed profiles ahead and behind single wind turbines.

An overview of OBLEX-F1 data set will be presented at the NORCOWE 2016 concluding conference which takes place between September 14th – 16th in Bergen, Norway. Here, you will also have the opportunity to discuss the OBLEX-F1 dataset with the scientific NORCOWE staff.



The research platform FINO1 in the North Sea. Photo: Helge Bryhni, UiB





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