The OBLEX-F1 campaign at the German research platform FINO1 has now been running for 10 months. The measurements have covered periods of quite varied weather conditions, including wind speeds up to 30 m/s. The predominant wind direction is as expected south-westerly. Below is an overview of the environmental conditions based on FINO1 reference data.



Recorded wind conditions during OBLEX-F1, year 2015 (left) and the first months of 2016 (right)




Overview of the meteorological and oceanographic conditions during OBLEX-F1: year 2015 (left) and the first months of 2016 (right)


With exception of some expected down periods due to platform power failure and maintenance, the NORCOWE instrumentation has already collected an extensive data set. Preliminary examination of the collected data show reasonable good data availability and quality of the key measurements, i.e. wind farm inflow conditions recorded from the scanning lidar systems and boundary-layer temperature and humidity profiles measured by the microwave radiometer.

Further details will be presented during the NORCOWE WP meeting in Grimstad May 10-11th.


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