Red Bull Ragnarok



Red Bull Ragnarok 2016 gathered 350 participants from over 30 nations on the mountain plains of Hardangervidda, to compete in what is regarded as the biggest and toughest snow kite race in the world.




With challenging and shifting wind conditions, the kite size used plays a critical role. Scientist Benny Svardal from CMR was present at the event with advanced LIDAR instrumentation, providing realtime wind measurements from different altitudes as a tool for the contesters to select the optimal kite for the race. Also present was Meteorologist Mariann Aabrekk from StormGeo to provide expert evaluation of wind forecasting, and Elena Garcia from WindCube vendor Leosphere for communications and event coordination.



In close cooperation with NORCOWE partners Statkraft, LeoSphere, StormGeo and University of Bergen, CMR utilized the knowledge and experience developed within the field of remote sensing, atmospheric research and wind energy applications, to bring added value to a highly wind sensitive sport.





See video from the event here

And check out the photos here





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