The yearly conference Science Meets Industry Stavanger took place on Wednesday, April 6th, and about 80 participants showed up to discuss and be updated on technical challenges within offshore wind.


The conference is organized in collaboration with Greater Stavanger. The presentations from the conference are available below.


Turbulence spatial charachteristics and their importance for the wind turbine design

Jasna B. Jakobsen, University of Stavanger


Influence of spatial characteristics of the wind on a bottom fixed wind turbine and their importance for the wind turbine design

Lene Eliassen, Statkraft/NTNU


Wind coherence measurements at Fino1 platform

Charlotte Obhrai, University of Stavanger


Influence of the wind coherence on the response of a floating wind turbine

Marte Godvik, Statoil


Wind turbine loading

Torben J. Larsen, DTU Wind Energy


Relative contribution from wind and waves to loads on offshore wind turbines

Jørgen Krokstad, Statkraft/NTNU


Hywind Scotland, marine operations

Knut Harald Lien, Statoil


Mooring system for Hywind Scotland

Jon Høvik, MacGregor


Hywind Scotland - assembly and logistics

Hege Eskild, NorSea Group

Simulation-driven design and decision making for O&M

Ole-Erik Endrerud, Shoreline

Decision support for installation of offshore wind turbines

Tomas Gintautas, Aalborg University


Survey support during installation of offshore wind turbines

Stian Waage and Kristoffer Amdal, Parker Maritime


Improved foundation models for integrated design

Kristoffer Skjolden Skau, NGI





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