At the recently held EERA DeepWind'2016 conference the award for best poster in the category scientific content was presented to professor Joachim Reuder and the poster "Proof of concept for wind turbine wake investigations with the RPAS SUMO". The authors of the poster were Joachim Reuder (UiB), Line Båserud (UiB), Stephan Kral (UiB), Valerie Kumer (UiB) and Jan-Willem Wagenaar (ECN).

From the left: Trond Kvamsdal (NTNU), Joachim Reuder (UiB) and John Olav Tande (Sintef)

In the words of Trond Kvamsdal, a member of the awarding committee, the SUMO could be a "game changer for the industry".

The SUMO is a a small drone/aircraft equipped with meteorological sensors and the measurements presented at the conference formed part of the WINTWEX-W campaign - a collaboration between NORCOWE and ECN.



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