Recovery cruise to FINO1

As part of the OBLEX-1 campaign, the Norwegian research vessel Håkon Mosby has visited FINO 1 and the Alpha Ventus wind park on November 1st. The purpose of the visit was the recovery of the oceanographic instrumentation that was deployed in June this year. Three mooring systems were placed upwind of FINO1 to record undisturbed measurements of currents, waves, temperature, salinity and ocean turbulence. The same measurements were performed from additional two mooring systems, which were deployed in the northeast sector of Alpha Ventus (near turbine AV3). These measurements provide important information on changes in the upper ocean variability caused by the wake effects of the wind turbines. The data will also contribute to distinctly improve our understanding on turbulent air-sea interaction processes in the vicinity of wind turbine installations


Some of the oceanographic equipment deployed at FINO1. Photos: Helge Bryhni and Mostafa B. Paskyabi

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