NORCOWE's internal autumn meeting brought together research and industry partners to present current research and plan future research within the centre. NORCOWE receives funding as an FME centre from the Research Council of Norway - a funding which lasts out March 2017.




In the final years of the centre it is particularly important to focus on the impact of the research and pinpoint the areas where NORCOWE has made and can make a difference. Members of the public interested in NORCOWE's contribution are invited to participate at the NORCOWE 2016 Conference which takes place on the 14th of September next year.



Albert Santiago, Leosphere, and Benny Svardal, CMR      Valerie Kumer and Rannveig Eikill, UiB


The internal meeting is also an important arena for industry partners to present technical difficulties and to give their feedback on NORCOWE research. Marte Godvik, Statoil, highlighted some interesting challenges particular to floating wind turbines and turbines of larger sizes.


Joachim Reuder, UiB, and Marte Godvik, Statoil ASA


Present at the meeting was also most of NORCOWE's Scientific Advisory Committee, which counts members from Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United States.


Andrea Hahmann, DTU Wind, member of NORCOWE's SAC




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