The website for the NORCOWE Reference Wind Farm, NRWF, is now launched. The detailed description of the NRWF baseline will be found here, as will further work involving the reference wind farm.

While the site is freely browsable it is required to be a registered user in order to access and download the datafiles. Persons external to NORCOWE may also request the data. We also encourage users of the baseline NRWF to contribute with new inputs and designs.


The two baseline layouts of the NRWF


Reference wind farms is an important topic in the new IEA Wind Task 37 Wind Energy Systems Engineering: Integrated R,D&D. In the description of the task it is stated that it is "... important to create a reference wind plant that allow researchers and industry to collaborate to improve and benchmark wind plant design tools". Reference wind farms and turbines were given particular attention this year at the NORCOWE conference Science Meets Industry Bergen, with presentations from Aalborg University, SINTEF and DTU.

The webpage is hosted and managed by Uni Research. More about the NORCOWE reference wind farm can be found in our annual report for 2014 on page 38 and in this presentation.




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