"Decision support for offshore wind turbine installation" is a three year project which started autumn 2013 and is financed by Statoil and the Norwegian Research Council.

Overview presentation of the project

The cost of installing offshore wind turbines contributes significantly to the total cost of offshore wind farms. The installation operations are usually carried out by specialized ships and crew hired for the installation period. Waiting for weather windows increases the duration of the installation period and thereby the cost of the installation process.



Today's state of the art is to compute the weather windows from simple weather parameters such as significant wave height and average wind velocity at a reference height. However, the actual limitations are the responses of the equipment to the weather, for example crane wire tension, air gap between rotor assembly and nacelle, etc. Using the physical responses in decision making would improve the cost predictions and potentially reduce the cost of installing offshore wind turbines. The weather forecasts are uncertain and these uncertainties transform to uncertainties in the equipment responses. Including these uncertainties into the decision making process is essential to make accurate decisions.


A workshop with presentation of preliminary results will take place on the 28th of August to selected industry players. There will also be a possibility for the public to get an update on the results at the Science Meets Industry Bergen, September 15. Project manager Yngve Heggelund, CMR, will present.


The project partners are Christian Michelsen Research, met.no, Uni Research, Marintek, Aalborg University, University of Bergen, and Statoil.





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