The Norwegian Motion Laboratory at the University of Agder has received funding to acquire new equipment for a total of 8 million NOK, or about 875 000 Euros. The funding, from the Research Council of Norway, will partly be used to buy a mobile Stewart platform.


Professor Geir Hovland in front of a Stewart platform at the Motion Lab


Stewart platforms can be used to simulate wave motions and are thus of great use for testing offshore equipment. The Motion Laboratory already possesses two Stewart platforms (EMotion-1500 and EMotion-8000), permitting for instance simulations of load transfer between two floating vessels. These platforms were financed by the Research Council of Norway and NORCOWE. The mobile Stewart platform will facilitate tests that need to be undertaken outdoors (like calibration tests of lidars on mobile platforms) or on test sites outside of the university campus of Agder, Grimstad.


The new funding will also be used to buy a high speed camera system that can measure the position and orientation (6 degrees of freedom) of objects 1000 times per second, as well as a laser tracker. This will greatly improve the accuracy of measurements made of equipment being tested on the Stewart platforms.


Detailed information about the equipment available at the Norwegian Motion Laboratory can be found here. NORCOWE partners wishing to use the facilities receive a 50% discount on operational costs.

Further reading (in Norwegian): Åtte millioner til målesystem for offshoreutstyr





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