Read more about the methods and software that have been use for this work.


How long need a met-ocean simulation be to obtain the climatology at a potential wind-farm site?

Barstad et al. (2012) downscale four future global climate model (GCM) runs under the A1B scenario (moderate emissions), with bias-corrected sea-surface temperature (SST). The study points to a weak decline in wind-energy potential over the North Sea over the next 50+ years. Thus it is not necessary to address anthropogenic climate change in the assessment of wind energy at the site of a potential wind farm in this region. Read more


How may a downscaled model climatology best be post-processed for use by research and user partners?

The time-series outputs of the models comprise a complete climatology, but work is nonetheless underway to obtain outputs in more economical statistical forms. End-user interest may, for example, lie in the return times of extreme events or the joint distribution of key variables. Knowledge of the co-distribution of hub-height wind speed and direction at the site of a potential wind farm, and the associated wind rose, is necessary to determine how turbines should be laid out. To predict wake effects and energy yields, a hub-height turbulence intensity, vertical shear and stability parameter may be appended to the list of necessary distribution variables. Read more


Related work: 

-An immediate application here is the NORCOWE reference wind farm.

-Here you can read a brief overview of Torge Lorenz' work at Uni Research Computing on operational weather forecast design.

-Present and future offshore wind power potential in northern Europe based on downscaled global climate runs with adjusted SST and sea ice coverBarstad et al. (2012).

-Model to model calibration, Sapronova and Graham (2015) (internal document).





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