NORCOWE Reference Wind Farm (NRWF)


A committee in NORCOWE has been working on defining a baseline version of a reference wind farm, for subsequent use in case studies within NORCOWE. The baseline work is approaching completion, and for the most part already available to NORCOWE partners. It should become publicly available during Fall 2015. 

Presentations from Uni Research and the University of Aalborg showing the status of the work on the NRWF is available from the links. 



The NORCOWE reference wind farm has three purposes:

-First, it is to serve as a repository of all the data needed to represent a wind farm. Researchers can then use information from this database in their studies.

-Second, it allows the benefits and costs of one technological concept or solution to be evaluated against others.

-Third, it may be used to communicate work to industry, the research community and the general public.


You may read more about NRWF in the annual report 2014 on page 38. 




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