Decision support for offshore wind turbine installation (DECOFF project)


Just after Easter there was an interesting project meeting in the project “Decision support for offshore wind turbine installation” (informally known as DECOFF) at CMR in Bergen. The objective of the project is to develop methods for improved decision support when installing wind turbines offshore, where the cost to a large degree is driven by waiting for weather windows. A main idea is to base the decisions on the expected responses of the equipment being used, rather than directly on the forecasted weather. The equipment simulator SIMO, developed by MARINTEK, is used to translate forecasted weather into expected equipment response.


Tomas Gintautas (middle) is presenting his results. Birgitte Furevik (right) and John Dalsgaard Sørensen (left) pay attention. 


The topic of the day was statistical modelling of the probability of failed installations for different weather forecasts. Aalborg University with PhD student Tomas Gintautas together with professor John Dalsgaard Sørensen have the main expertise in this field. Tomas presented some of his results, and there was a fruitful discussion about how the modelling should be implemented into the decision support system.


Sigrid Ringdalen Vatne (right) explains about the SIMO modeling. Inge Kristian Eliassen (middle) and Yngve Heggelund (left) listening in consentration.  


The DECOFF-project is a KPN-project supported by the Norwegian Research Council and Statoil. The research partners except MARINTEK are also partners in NORCOWE. Yngve Heggelund, CMR is project manager. 






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