Met profiles at roof of Bergen


Lidars ready to be installed.


NORCOWE has added new state-of-the-art instrumentation to the Centre’s infrastructure pool for meteorological characterization. Through the OBLO project 3 new Windcube 100S scanning lidars and 2 new RPG HATPRO microwave radiometers have been acquired from Leosphere and Radiometer Physics, respectively.



Lidar installation at StormGeo     



Radiometer assembly       


The units have been through acceptance testing and calibration, and NORCOWE personnel have completed thorough training programs arranged by the suppliers.



Calibration of lidar power meter tools with Leosphere


The instruments are now deployed at the rooftop of StormGeo, UiB and CMR. For the next weeks we will map the wind and temperature conditions in the complex terrain surrounding Bergen and perform comparative measurements with the weather radar already installed at StormGeo. In addition, this deployment will provide valuable experience with equipment and measurement strategies as preparation for the upcoming FINO1 campaign.



Contact persons:

Dr. Joachim Reuder, Uib: joachim.reuder(at)gfi.uib.no

Dr. Olav Krogsæter, StormGeo: Olav.Krogsaeter(at)stormgeo.com

Benny Svardal, CMR: benny.svardal(at)cmr.no







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