Offshore Wind seminars held at Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen.


We are happy to present this serie of seminars on offshore wind held this spring in Bergen. Please have look and share it with your fellow students and colleagues.


Seminar 1: Offshore Wind Energy -Introduction, by Joachim Reuder.

Seminar 2: Offshore Wind Energy -The marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL), by Joachim Reuder.

Seminar 3: Offshore Wind Energy -The marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL) II, by Joachim Reuder.

Seminar 4: The offshore wind farm: Infrastructure, Statistics, Installation and Logistics, by Ivan Østvik.

Seminar 5: Offshore Wind Seminar: Extracting Power -Blade element method, by Finn Gunnar Nilsen.

Seminar 6: Offshore Wind: Dynamic Challenges, by Finn Gunnar Nilsen.

Seminar 7: Offshore Wind: Wave Loads, by Finn Gunnar Nilsen.

Seminar 8: Offshore Wind: Fixed and Floating foundations, by Finn Gunnar Nilsen.



Do you want to learn more about the Offshore Wind Energy? Check out the NORCOWE 2015 Summer School event. It is open for all who have an interest in Offshore Wind Energy, and it contains a broad range of interesting topics!






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