A workshop was held at Statkraft Tuesday March 3rd:

Development of wind-farm power-prediction tools

-Prospects from Uni Research's work and use of data from Sheringham Shoal.



A power-prediction methodology was described in the case of a mesoscale numerical weather model by Idar Barstad and Henning Heiberg-Andersen (Session 1), and, in the case of artificial neural networks, by Alla Sapronova (Session 2). Specimen results were presented and discussed. Time was spent at the end of each presentation to take questions from all attendees. This was followed by a discussion of the degree to which comparable methods were already in use within NORCOWE user partners, and the factors constraining the takeup and further development of our methods by users.



The workshop was fully booked, and had a group of additional participants via video conference. We want to thank the presenters from Uni Research for rigging a good agenda, all the participants for actively taking part in the discussions, and Statkraft for good hosting. For futher questions regarding the presented topics, please contact Angus Graham, Uni.




12. 12. 2018

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10. 12. 2018

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