Field cruise to Karmøy


Researchers at the Geophysical institute (UoB) have, in collaboration with CMR, performed a 4-day field cruise aboard the research vessel Håkon Mosby. The cruise took place during November 13th – 16th, off the coast of Karmøy, Norway. The aim of the cruise was the test of several new oceanographic instruments, which are available for the Offshore Boundary Layer Observatory (OBLO) project. Measurements from these instruments will help us to increase our understanding of wave, current and turbulence interaction within the water column. Knowledge of these processes are important with respect to both air-sea interaction studies, and investigations of sediment transport and colc formation around offshore structures. In addition to the oceanographic instruments, a Direct Covariance Flux (DCF) system was mounted on a mobile mast at the front bow of the research vessel. The turbulence data of the DCF system complement the oceanographic measurements for an air-sea interaction study. Read more about preliminary results for the NORCOWE DCF system here.    


Photo: The newly purchased bottom frame which will be deployed during the cruise (Martin Flügge).     


Video: Launching the equipment into the sea (Martin Flügge).


Photo: Martin Flügge is responsible for

the mini cruise on behalf of NORCOWE.




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