UiB/CMR Mini Cruise


Researchers at the Geophysical institute will, in collaboration with CMR, perform a joint 3 day field campaign aboard the research vessel Håkon Mosby. The cruise is scheduled to take place in week 46 and is aimed to test the oceanographic equipment available for the Offshore Boundary Layer Observatory (OBLO) project.  Instruments that will be deployed are a newly purchased bottom frame and a subsurface mooring. Measurements from these instruments will help us to increase our understanding of wave, current and turbulence interaction within the water column. Knowledge of these processes are important with respect to both air-sea interaction studies, and investigations of sediment transport and colc formation around offshore structures. Resluts from the joint campaign will be used in subsequent NORCOWE research.  


Photo: The newly purchased bottom frame which will be deployed during the cruise.     


Photo: Martin Flügge is responsible for

the mini cruise on behalf of NORCOWE.





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