Multi-lidar measurement campaign on a bridge

WindScanner team from the Danish Technical University Risø Campus, led by Prof. Torben Mikkelsen (www.WindScanner.dk and also www.windscanner.eu), has performed optical remote sensing based wind measurements of inflow around the Lysefjord bridge.  In the period May 19-23, 2014, two continuous, short-range lidars were deployed on the bridge walkway. They were synchronized to map the airflow in different planes on one side of the bridge, and operated remotely. The scanning sequences were devoted to capturing the spatial characteristics of the undisturbed wind flow, as well as various forms of the bridge signature in the airflow.

The measurement campaign is supported by the Norwegian Public Road Administration, and has been carried out as research collaboration between the DTU, UiS and NORCOWE (CMR and UiB). 

The data recorded will be linked to the continuously acquired wind measurements, by the five sonic anemometers on the bridge, and the data recorded by a long range scanning lidar installed 1.7 km South-West of the bridge.



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