Wind measurements in a wind farm – Reliable enough?


Measurement campaigns are carried out in order to obtain data used in both the planning and the operational phase of a wind farm. Remote wind measurements by use of Lidar give us valuable information about wind field conditions and wake effects, but also a large amount of data. We see the need for improved tools to help simplify planning, execution, and analysis of these wind measurement campaigns. Related to this, there is a potential for standardised methods, best practice recommendations and user-friendly tools for pre/post evaluation of uncertainty and validity of the Lidar measurements.


The accuracy of the measured wind will depend on the measurement instrumentation, the setup and calibration, and variations in the surroundings.


How can one best evaluate the uncertainty of the wind measurements? An uncertainty analysis investigates the different uncertainty contributions of a measurement system. Performing such an analysis prior to a measurement campaign in a wind farm could provide better measurements at a lower cost. This analysis will cover the technology, possible variations in time and space, and investigate how the environmental effects like temperature variations and atmospheric conditions affect the final wind measurements. It may be possible to correlate independent measurements in order to improve both redundancy and accuracy. The goal is to identify the most accurate way of performing the planned wind measurements.


Based on Lidar measurement campaigns in wind farms, NORCOWE will provide uncertainty analysis of the wind measurements. The experience in uncertainty analysis is based on previous work done for the oil and gas industry related to strict measurement regulations for climate gas and for the trading of oil and gas.


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