NORCOWE researchers from Aalborg University have reviewed the state of the art for wind farm control. Focus has been on a mechanical/aerodynamic problem, which includes the wind turbines, their power production, fatigue and wakes. Three main problems have been reviewed: (a) maximizing the total wind farm power production; (b) following a reference for the total wind farm active power; and (c) doing this in a manner that minimizes fatigue loading for the wind turbines in the farm. In addition, practical control issues are addressed such as choice of input and output, control method and modelling used for controller design and simulation. Available industrial practice is also discussed.




The survey provides an overview of existing solutions to a very interesting problem. By outlining the options that have been explored but also pointing out the weaknesses of some, this survey will hopefully help progress research in this area. Help us lower the cost of energy by closing the gap in wind farm control between what is practically carried out today and the vision outlined in scientific papers.

The survey is published in a paper in Wind Energy and is available in an early view online version: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/we.1760/full

Authors: Associate Professor Torben KnudsenProfessor Thomas Bak and PhD Mikael Svenstrup.


Text: Professor Thomas Bak





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