Science Meets Industry Stavanger took place on Wednesday the 2nd of April with almost 60 participants, largely from the industry. The conference is a yearly event and is organized by NORCOWE in collaboration with Greater Stavanger. It took place at Måltidets Hus, Ipark - Innovasjonspark Stavanger.

NORCOWE's research was presented by the PhD students Ole-Erik V. Endrerud and Valerie Kumer, as well as Dr. Arunjyati Sarkar from Subsea 7 who presented work done during his PhD at the University of Stavanger. The Gwind project presented by Simen Malmin is a spin-off project from NORCOWE, while Lene Eliassen has also been working in NORCOWE at the University of Stavanger. She is now doing a Post Doc at NTNU in collaboration with Statkraft, a NORCOWE partner. Statoil and StormGeo are also partners in NORCOWE.


picture: Greater Stavanger


The pesentations can be accessed from the links below:

Maria Pedrosa, StormGeo Aberdeen Office: Experiences from offshore wind installations in the North Sea

Ole-Erik Vestøl Endrerud, University of Stavanger: Simulation based planning of operation and maintenance

     Video (link): Offshore Wind O&M Simulation

Svein Ove Haugen, UPTIME International: Access systems for offshore wind

     Video: Bumper access small vessel 

     Video: Operation of Uptime 12m Gangway

     Video: Access Uptime 23,4 Gangway

Jon Arne Silgjerd, Automasjon og Data: Metocean instrumentation systems for offshore wind

Valerie Kumer, University of Bergen: LIMECS - LIdar MEasurement Campaign Sola

Torgeir Nakken, Statoil: Hywind Scotland, status and further plans

Arunjyati Sarkar, Subsea 7: Breaking wave induced vibration of a monopile supported offshore wind turbine

Lene Eliassen, NTNU/Statkraft: Effect of large wind turbine rotor on a monopile foundation

     Video: First bending mode

     Video: Second bending mode

     Video: Rotational sampling

Simen Malmin, Prekubator/Gwind: GWIND - vertical axis turbine tests in Stavanger Harbour


The presentation from Harald Dirdal, Havgul, will not be made available.

INTPOW also used the opportunity to publicise their newly inaugurated database on Norwegian offshore wind

The event was followed by a visit to the Gwind model which is being tested in Stavanger harbour. Here Arnfinn Nergaard, University of Stavanger, gave more background information about the project and answered questions from the visitors. The following pictures are taken by Simen Malmin, Gwind.









Link to Greater Stavanger's article on Science Meets Industry Stavanger




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