NORCOWE's annual report for 2013 is now available for download at the page Annual Reports/Newsletters. If you wish to view the flash version follow this link.


The annual report gives a glimpse of NORCOWE's activities in 2013, but also presents some of the PhD students involved and the new partners that joined NORCOWE in January 2014.


We would like to thank in particular Professor Arild Underdal, University of Oslo/CICERO and Professor Peter M. Haugan, University of Bergen (UiB), for their contributions. Their articles (Transforming Energy Systems and Energy Transition and Offshore Wind) examine the bigger picture to which NORCOWE makes a contribution. Professor Arild Underdal is Centre leader of CICEP, Strategic Challenges in International Climate and Energy Policy, one of our fellow FMEs (Centre for Environmental Friendly Research). Peter M. Haugan is program leader of the Master's Programme in Energy at UiB and was chair of the NORCOWE executive board in 2013.


Picture from the latest board meeting by Marit Hommedal



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