Impact of improved metocean knowledge on load operation and criteria

The offshore wind industry is concerned that breaking wave loads may cause large loads on offshore wind turbine foundations located in certain shallow water areas, like on Shoal and in waters with complex bottom geometries. Such situations could lead to spilling breakers and in worst case by plunging waves. The combined effects of a number of breaking waves could cause early fatigue damage of the foundation structures and in the worst-case structural overload caused by large breaking waves. The main focus of the work is to obtain better tools for estimating wave loads on jacket types of wind turbine foundation structures installed on Shoal and in other areas where breaking waves could occur.


At present, there is no consensus as to whether the current design standard (IEC 61400-1:2005 and IEC 64100- 3:2009, which assumes neutral stability only) is conservative or not. The refined modelling of the environmental loads is also important with respect to marine operations, i.e. weather windows for installation of wind turbines. The primary goal of the work relatet to this is to assess current offshore wind energy standards with respect to structural design requirements and  power  production  estimation. Improving the aerodynamic load models and then investigating the wind turbine fatigue life and the energy production under variable offshore wind conditions will achieve this.


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