NORCOWE is pleased to announce that Leosphere is a new partner of NORCOWE as of 2014. NORCOWE has already enjoyed a close collaboration with the LiDAR specialist, and uses both a scanning and several non-scanning Leosphere LiDARs in the measurement campaign currently going on at ECN's test site in the Netherlands.



Leosphere is the fourth partner to join NORCOWE in 2014, and will strenghten NORCOWE's competence regarding wind measurements and instrumentation.


About Leosphere:

LEOSPHERE is a leader in the LiDAR technology on markets that are at the crossroads of atmospheric environmental applications such as air quality and risk, weather and climate, aviation weather and wind power. In 2013, the group LEOSPHERE had a revenue over 21.6 M€ representing a +18% growth versus 2012: 70% of its sales being in the wind power market and 85% non-domestic. LEOSPHERE positions itself as a leader in innovation in the LiDAR technology - the WINDCUBE or Wind Iris result from this - and spends more than 20% of its revenue in R&D. Year to date, more than 400 systems have been deployed in more than 25 countries. Dedicated to our customers, we aim at being anywhere at anytime thanks to a strong worldwide distribution network and building partnerships.

More than 75% of the systems deployed worldwide are the WINDCUBE v2 that is a reference in wind speed measurement and has proven to be the ultimate wind measurement tool to reduce both investment cost and uncertainties. The scanning LiDAR is a generation of product derived from the WINDCUBE and allows radial wind speed measurement on a hemisphere up to 10 km range with a radial resolution between 25 m and 200 m. A 100S scanning LiDAR is currently being deployed in the NORCOWE consortium in various wind speed measurement campaigns.



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