Innovative Methods and Concepts in Offshore Wind Energy is the title of NORCOWE's summer school 2014. The summer school will take place at Strand Hotel Fevik, at the south coast of Norway, from Monday August 11th till Friday August 15th.



The aim of the NORCOWE summer school 2014 is to examine

  • The development and execution of innovation strategies
  • The impact of innovation on offshore technology
  • New methods in analysis and measurements
  • New concepts within wind energy and examine future directions

The week will be composed of lectures and group work as well as social activities. An excursion to MacGregor in Kristiansand will take place on Wednesday afternoon. In 2014 MacGregor won the Offshore Support Journal's Innovation of the Year award for their three-axis motion compensated crane.  

NORCOWE's summer school is this year hosted by NORCOWE in cooperation with the University of Agder, and is organized by professor Hamid R. Karimi (UiA), adjunct professor Finn Gunnar Nielsen (UiB/Statoil), professor Jasna B. Jakobsen (UiS), professor Thomas Bak (AAU) and the NORCOWE administration.




Kai Christensen, Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Planning and executing field experiments - innovation in scientific instrumentation


Peter Jamieson, University of Strathclyde

Innovative principles in wind energy


Arnfinn Nergaard, University of Stavanger

Vertical axis floating wind turbine - Gwind


Wei He, Statoil

Offshore Wind Farm Integration with Fish Farming


Norwegian Motion Lab, University of Agder

Heave compensation and modelling & simulation


Finn Gunnar Nielsen, Statoil/University of Bergen

Floating foundations for offshore wind


Ove Daae Lampe, Christian Michelsen Research

Innovative software solutions applied to offshore wind




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