In March 2013 NORCOWE inaugurated a measurement campaign at Sola airport outside of Stavanger, Norway. The equipment installed consisted of one scanning and one static wind LiDAR system. In addition a second static wind LiDAR was installed some 3 km further away, side by side with an automatic radiosonde launcher belonging to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute joined NORCOWE in January 2014 as a new partner.



The main goals of the campaign were the validation of the scanning system against radiosonde ascents and static LiDAR measurements, the development and setup of appropriate and reliable scanning patterns and to investigate the transition of the atmospheric boundary layer from onshore to offshore (and vice versa) conditions across the coastline.




The campaign was finished in August, and PhD student Valerie Kumer at the University of Bergen has been busy analyzing the data. Amongst the results from the scanning LiDAR is the clear visualization of a reversed flow when looking at the transition between land and sea at different heights. At the scan showed below, taken on March the 12th at 08:45 UTC, the flow is reversed at about 360 m above the ground.



Valerie Kumer will be presenting at the EERA Deepwind'2014 conference in Trondheim on the 23rd of January. The title of her talk is "Wind turbine Wake Experiment - Wieringermeer". At the same conference she will also present a poster with results from the Sola campaign. Below is a photo of Valerie together with her supervisor Joachim Reuder, who is professor at the Geophysical Institute at the University of Bergen.



More about the Sola campaign (presentation)

More about the Wind turbine Wake Experiment - Wieringermeer (presentation and news)




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