NORCOWE and ECN inagurated their joint measurement campaign at the end of October, which is planned to continue out April 2014. The campaign, taking place at ECN's test site at Wieringermeer, is focused on measuring the wake of one turbine using LiDARs.


Already one forward looking nacelle LiDAR, three Windcubes v1/v2 and one scanning LiDAR Windcube 100s have been installed from the beginning of the campaign. A second nacelle LiDAR, a Zephir, has now joined the others, and is positioned so as to look into the wake generated by the turbine.




The scanning LiDAR has been moved, as the previous position was very close to a road. It is now leveled and new scanning patterns have been programmed. The unit can also now be controlled and programmed remotely.




ECN and NORCOWE have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, indicating their commitment to continued collaboration.


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Presentation regarding the campaign

All pictures: Benny Svardal, Christian Michelsen Research AS




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