NORCOWE is very happy to announce that from 1st of January three new partners will join the consortium: Acona Flow Technology AS, Norwegian Meteorological Institute and StormGeo.

All three of them have already close ties with NORCOWE, and their joining will strengthen the consortium within the fields of weather and climate analysis, and simulation.


Acona Flow Technology AS is co-supervising one of NORCOWE's PhD students, and has been participating in the yearly NORCOWE/NOWITECH Wind-Wake Workshop.



Eirik Manger, Acona Flow Technology AS, and PhD student Siri Kalvig, UiS/StormGeo.

Photo: Andrew Scholbrock, NREL


Norwegian Meteorological Institute has collaborated both with the supervision of master students and PhD students, as well as contributing to this year's summer school.


PhD student Lene Eliassen, UiS, and Birgitte Furevik, Norwegian Meteorological Institute


StormGeo has been part of NORCOWE earlier on, and has two PhD students in NORCOWE: Siri Kalvig (seen in the first picture), who is collaborating with Acona Flow Technology AS, and Olav Krogsæther, who is defending his PhD on the 16th of December. StormGeo will also hold one of the presentations at the forthcoming Science Meets Industry in Stavanger on the 2nd of April.


NORCOWE is very happy to strengthen its ties with the three new partners and wish them a warm welcome.



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