NORCOWE, Arena NOW and INTPOW hosted a seminar on Tuesday the 19th of November at the EWEA Offshore Conference in Frankfurt.

During the seminar's second part there were presentations by Magnus B. Kjelland (UiA), Yngve Heggelund (CMR Computing), Ole-Erik Vestøl Endrerud (UiS) and Benny Svardal (CMR Instrumentation) from NORCOWE.


The presentations are now available from Arena NOW's webpage.






Posters by NORCOWE partners:

Yngve Heggelund, CMR Computing: Interactive design of wind farm layout using CFD and model reduction

Marwan Khalil, GexCon AS: Near and far wake of two turbines in line with a span-wise offset

Magnus Kjelland, University of Agder: Offshore access for wind turbines during operation, installation and maintenance

Alla Sapronova, Uni Research/University of Bergen: Ensemble neural network based classifiers for short term wind speed and energy yield forecasting

Alla Sapronova, Uni Research/University of Bergen: Mesoscale-microscale coupling model based on artificial neural network techniques

Alastair Jenkins, Uni Research: Coupled atmosphere - ocean wave modelling for wind power applications

Torge Lorenz, Uni Research: Wind climatology over the north sea with the WRF model

Wei He, Statoil: Innovative technologies developed for chinese offshore wind farms


Presentations held by NORCOWE partners:

Anne Marit Hansen, Statoil: Offshore wind safety - the G9 roadmap to enable offshore wind as a leading industry on safety performance

Jan-Frederik Stadaas, Statoil: (Session: Financing offshore wind projects: whose risk is it in the capital structure)



Wei He, Statoil, is chairing the session Synergies with other maritime technologies

Our MoU partners:

ECN, DTU Wind Energy and Fraunhofer IWES all had stands at EWEA Offshore.

ECN also had a poster with an update on the NORCOWE/ECN LiDAR measurement campaign:

Peter Eecen, ECN, Enhancing LiDAR application for boosting wind farm efficiency

NREL organized a workshop on the wind turbine FAST installation tool






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