A workshop on Offshore Wind Farm Optimization was held in Bergen on the 19th and 20th of September by the Optimization Group of the Department of Informatics at the University of Bergen; a NORCOWE partner. The task set for the workshop was to identify the best layout in terms of turbine and substation positions and cable layout, given expected wind distributions and some development options.



Invited speakers were Gunner Larsen from DTU Risø, Mario Mommer from the Institute for Scientific Computing, University of Heidelberg and Jens Lysgaard from Aarhus University. Below is a picture of Gunner Larsen during his presentation.



About the presentations

Gunner Larsen presented TOPFARM - topology optimization as seen from an investors perspective. The vision here is to include all aspects that contribute towards the optimization of the windfarm, such as for instance loading and production aspects, which will lead towards an optimal economical performance over the lifetime of the wind farm.

Mario Mommer's talk covered optimization under uncertainty - how to make the problem robust and the possibility of optimizing on rough solutions (i.e. without waiting for a simulation that satisfies the convergence criteria).

Jens Lysgaard, from the department of Economics and Business, explained how existing knowledge on solving the capacitated vehicle routing problem (for example by branch-and-cut) can be applied to identify optimal cable layouts.

The presentations are available in ProjectPlace for NORCOWE members. 






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