The Norwegian Motion Lab at the University of Agder is now installed and has already been taken into use. The installation went very well, with an excellent collaboration between the service engineers of Bosch-Rexroth and the lab personnel at the University of Agder. The result is a record breaking precision for Bosch-Rexroth: +/- 0.5mm for the foundation and +/- 1mm for the top triangle frame. To elevate the 3 ton platform the Air Force at Kjevik were helpful in lending their jacking hardware.





The first project started on the 16th of September, involving Statoil and SINTEF. The platform can be rented by external industry partners, though NORCOWE members are given special deals. Please contact professor Geir Hovland at the University of Agder.



24. 09. 2018

Lys fremtid for flytende offshore vindparker spår industrien....


13. 07. 2018

Open positions related to offshore wind at University of Bergen. ...


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