NORCOWE partners own research facilities and instrumentation needed for meteorological, oceanographic and structural monitoring and investigation, as well as motion compensation. Examples of the equipment in use are the Met profiles at roof of Bergen and other measurement campaigns.


The following equipment is available:


Meteorological equipment:

- 2DCF systems consisting of a sonic anemometer and an Inertial Motion Unit (IMU)

- 1 LiDAR WindCube V1

- 2 scanning LiDAR systems (WindCube 100S)

- 1 LiDAR ZephIR Z300

- 1 SODAR with WindRass extension

- 2 passive microwave radiometers

- 1 Scintillometer


Oceanographic equipment:

- 1 Fugro Oceanor Wavescan buoy

- 2 Bottom frames which can be equippet with several oceanographic sensors such as, e.g. ADCP, ADV and Aquadopp





Most of the meteorological and oceanographic equipment available through NORCOWE is related to the Offshore Boundary Layer Observatory (OBLO), which is a part of the RCN funded joint NORCOWE-NOWITECH infrastructure project NOWERI (Norwegian Offshore Wind Energy Research Infrastructure). OBLO is intended to provide and operate state-of-the-art instrumentation and measurement capabilities for a wide range of atmospheric and oceanographic parameters relevant for offshore wind energy application. A video showing the deployment of the oceanographic equipment at a field cruise to Karmøy is available here.


More information about the available instruments within OBLO, and its specifications, can be found here.  



In addition, NORCOWE has access to two Stewart Platforms, which are located in the Motion Lab of the University of Agder. At the picture down to the right the biggest of the two Stewart Platforms at the motion lab is shown. The University of Agder hosts the lab facilities, that was inaugurated in 2013. Read more about the motion lab here, or visit the home page.



The model airplane on the picture above is equipped with meteorological sensors. It is known as a Small Unmanned Meteorological Observer, SUMO, and was used in the WINTWEX-W campaign. For an overview of measurement campaigns carried out by NORCOWE, click here.





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