NORCOWE master students Line Båserud and Konstantinos Christakos will present their theses at the Geophysical Institute at the University of Bergen. Both of them have worked within the scope of NORCOWE's Work Package 1: Met/Ocean data - Measurements and Database. Their supervisor, professor Joachim Reuder from the Geophysical Institute, is leader of WP1.


Line Båserud's thesis is entitled "Investigating the potential of turbulence measurements with the RPAS SUMO" and will present her work on Thursday 20.06.13 at 10.15. Her supervisors are professor Joachim Reuder, as mentioned, and Marius O. Jonassen, associate professor at the Geophysical Institute.


Sensors are Stephanie Mayer, scientist at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, Uni Research, and Thomas Spengler, associate professor at the Geophysical Institute.


The name of Konstantinos Christakos' thesis is " Characterization of the coastal marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL) for wind energy applications." He will present his work the day after, on Friday 21.06.13 at 10.15.  


His supervisor, apart from professor Joachim Reuder, is Birgitte R. Furevik, scientist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute as well as associate professor II at the Geophysical Institute.


Sensors are Andrea Eugster from Statoil and Jan Asle Olseth, associate professor at the Geophysical Institute.


Both presentations are open to the public and will take place in auditorium 1 at the Geophysical Institute, Jahnebakken 3, in Bergen.


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Announcements for Line Båserud and Konstantinos Christakos from the University of Bergen's webpage.



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