Valerie Kumer has started on 01.10.2012 as new PhD Candidate in Wind Energy Meteorology at GFI, UoB. Her position is a 3-year Research Fellowship funded by the MatNat faculty in the framework of the BKK research contract. She is associated with the Meteorology group and will be supervised by Joachim Reuder.

Valerie finished her masters studies in Meteorology at the University of Vienna and worked in the scope of her master thesis closely together with VERBUND Renewable Power GmbH. Her research is focused on an analysis of Doppler Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) wind measurements and the potential of LIDAR measurements for investigations of wind turbine wakes. In her PhD project she will be mainly working with the scanning wind lidar system WindCube 100S from Leosphere that has recently been purchased by NORCOWE. This system will be used for systematic studies of the marine atmospheric boundary layer and the wake effects of single wind turbines and wind parks. The work will include the development and improvement of corresponding measurement strategies and their test and application in field deployments. The PhD project will be performed in close cooperation with the instrument producer Leosphere in France and the wind energy group at NCAR, Boulder.



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