NORCOWE PhD Summer school 2012

Theme: Wind Power Engineering

Location: Skagen, Denmark. Monday 20.08.2012 – Friday 24.08.2012.

NORCOWE's summer school received positive feedback from both teachers and lecturers this year.

Brief Summary: The learning objectives of the course

- Understand industry standard control systems that govern the energy capture.

- Have knowledge on the fundamentals of operation and maintenance.

- Understand the most important grid integration problems addressed when designing wind farms.

- Understand fundamental issues in marine operations.

- Gain experience from teamwork and case related problem solving.

Summer School students and a delegation from Statoil visiting Siemens' blade facrory in Aalborg. Photo taken in front of a full-size cross-section of a wind turbine blade.

This years summer school has been of inspiration to both students and NORCOWE's internal scientific committe, and the committe has got some good ideas for future summer schools.



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