Norwegian Offshore Wind Energy Research Infrastructure (NOWERI)

In June the three new CEER centres NORCOWE, NOWITECH and CEDREN joined forces and applied to the Research Council of Norway for funding of a new and unique large scale offshore wind infrastructure (NOWERI).

On the 30th of October the Research Council announced that the NOWERI-application had been evaluated and the three centres are invited to join the final round with submission of a full NOWERI-application in January 2010. The final application was submitted 30rd January 2010. The answer from RCN is expected 22nd April 2010.

NOWERI in brief

The full announcement from the Research Council can be found here:

The large scale national infrastructure proposed by the three centres will comprise establishment of not yet available offshore measurement capabilities to underpin research activities within and between the three CEER centres on offshore wind turbine design and atmospheric and oceanic boundary layer conditions.

The proposed infrastructure will include measurement facilities for observation of environment, atmospheric and oceanic boundary layer conditions, and a fully instrumented small scale mobile floating offshore wind turbine for research purposes. This will greatly enhance the basis for understanding and optimising the energy harvesting from offshore wind turbines, assess forces and design of offshore structures as well the potential impact of these installations on the environment. It will promote close integration of research partners in the three centres, and significantly strengthen the research activities within the centres. The infrastructure represents a globally unique platform for research, development and demonstration offshore wind technologies.

The proposed infrastructure will be a very important stepping stone for research and innovation within offshore wind energy and will advance the Norwegian development of offshore wind energy to the scientific forefront. It will underpin and expand on existing research and technology development within this field, and attract attention also of scientists who would otherwise work in other branches of the involved sciences. The infrastructure will therefore have an important effect in expanding the research opportunities for scientists entering the field of offshore wind energy.



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