On June 25 NFR approved the project EFOWI (Equipment for Offshore Wind Infrastructure), the first successful joint infrastructure application of NORCOWE and NOWITECH, the two new Norwegian Centers for Environmental Friendly Energy Research (CEER) in the field of Offshore Wind Energy.

With this a total amount of 17 MNOK is now available for a start-up instrumental package mainly dedicated to advanced measurements of the atmospheric and oceanic boundary layer, with focus on offshore conditions. Laser wind profilers will be used to measure the average wind speed as function of height above the surface. Together with scintillometers these instruments will also enable the characterization of turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer. The relevant ocean parameters, as e.g. wave height and wave frequency, will be monitored by advanced buoy systems. The instrumentation in this project is mobile and will be accessible on request for all NORCOWE and NOWITECH related projects after scientific review of the corresponding proposals.



24. 09. 2018

Lys fremtid for flytende offshore vindparker spår industrien....


13. 07. 2018

Open positions related to offshore wind at University of Bergen. ...


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