The NORCOWE research partners met in Bergen on the 12th of March 2009 to kick-off the further process to establish the new centre for environment-friendly research (CEER).

Representatives from all the research partners were present at the one-day meeting. This will be followed up by initiatives towards the more than 20 industrial partners that have expressed intention to support and join the centre, in order to formalise the industrial centre participation and subsequent formal establishment of the centre as soon as possible.

An internal workshop between the research partners will also be scheduled after Easter to stimulate researchers at the partner institutions to get acquainted and join efforts in planning the centre activities and together explore the greate potentials the centre represents within this field.

Delegates at the meeting (from left): Svein Winther (Unifob), Joachim Reuder (University of Bergen), Mohsen Assadi (University of Stavanger), Ivar S Langen (University of Stavanger), Idar Barstad (Unifob), Alf Holmelid (University of Agder), Trygve Skjold (CMR Gexcon), Eivind Dahl (CMR Instrumentation), Hans-Roar Sørheim (CMR), Peter M Haugan (University of Bergen), Per K Egeberg (University of Agder) and John D Sørensen (University of Aalborg).


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