NORCOWE workshop on OBLEX-F1 data 7. mars 2017

NORCOWE will hold an internal workshop on OBLEX-F1 data in Bergen on March 7th. Registration will be open for NORCOWE members and invited guests. There is a limited number of seats.

The purpose of the workshop is to present current results based on the data from the measurement campaign and analysis of the data itself. It will take place at Statoil's office in Sandslivegen 90.



  • Joachim Reuder, UiB; Introduction - setting the stage
  • Martin Flügge, CMR; The OBLEX-F1 data – some results
  • Tyge Løvset, CMR; Tools for data extraction
  • Arnd Marius Fligg, U Oldenburg; Validation of remotely sensed wind, temperature   and humidiy profiles against radiosoundings
  • Etienne Cheynet, UiS; Analysis of wind coherence using lidars
  • Jasna Bogunovic Jakobsen, UiS; Wake analysis using lidar
  • Breanne Gellatly, AXYS; AXYS' experience with the OBLEX-F1 campaign   and new applications for FLD such as TI and power performance
  • Julia Gottschall, Fraunhofer IWES; Measurement results from FLS during the   OBLEX-F1 campaign
  • Anja Kuelpmann, U Oldenburg; Case study of mesoscale wind fluctuations   during cold air outbreaks
  • David  Wagner, U Oldenburg; Low Level Jet Events within the Southern North   Sea, based on OBLEX F1 observation and model data
  • Mostafa Bakhoday Paskyabi, UiB; All oceanographic measurements and results   obtained in OBLEX-F1
  • Birgitte Furevik,  Met.no; Analysis of wind profiles and waves
  • Andreas Knauer, Statoil; Aerodynamics of large wind turbine rotors


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