Japan-Norway Energy Science Week 2015 27. mai 2015 - 28. mai 2015

NORCOWE was present at Japan-Norway Energy Science Week 2015.

Valerie Kumer, Nils Gunnar Kvamstø and Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa gave presentations in the Offshore Wind sessions.

NORCOWE's presentations in the Offshore wind parallel session 27th May

NORCOWE: Main topics and key results
Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa, Christian Michelsen Research/NORCOWE                  

Measurements for wind energy with focus on Lidar
Valerie Kumer, Univeristy of Bergen 


Presentations from Offshore Wind Met-ocean session 28th May

Offshore wind energy research at Nagoya University
Professor Emeritus, Hiroshi Uyeda, Nagoya University

A Platform for Interdisciplinary Collaboration on Large Integration of Offshore Wind-   Farms in Japan: From My Experience in JST-CREST Project
Dr. Yoshihiko Susuki Lecturer at Kyoto Univiversity

Development of floating lidars – status and further plans
Dr. Shumpei Kameyama, Mitsubishi Electric

NORCOWE met-ocean measurement campaigns and turbulence i offshore wind farms
PhD student Valerie Kumer, University of Bergen

Fine-scale modeling of wind farm impact on ambient meteorological conditions            Professor Nils Gunnar Kvamstø, University of Bergen

LIMECS campaign

WINTWEX-W (at ECN, the Netherlands)







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