O&M Workshop 29. oktober 2014

Within the NORCOWE and NOWITECH research centres a number of PhD projects and other studies are being performed related to optimal planning of Operation & Maintenance. The workshop will be on October 29. at Aalborg University, with the aim to present and discuss numerical tools for reducing O&M costs. Particular emphasis is on the following topics being critical for offshore wind farms:

- Identification of critical issues for Operation & Maintenance for offshore wind turbines
- Models and tools for doing (corrective and) predictive maintenance, including models of component degradation
- Establishment of a database with operational and failure data for validation of tools
- Definition for reference cases for comparison of different tools / methods

1. Introduction by John Dalsgaard Sørensen
2. Presentations by participants on ongoing work related to OM (20 minutes each)
3. Discussion on how different approaches can be compared using one or more reference wind farm (including the NORCOWE reference wind farm)
   a. definition of a baseline maintenance strategy for the comparison
   b. how different approaches van be compared using a ref wind farm (including the NORCOWE reference wind farm)
   c. date/deadline for the comparison studies.
4. AOB


Time 9.00-16.00

Place: Aalborg University, Fredrik Bajers Vej 7, Room A4-106 


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