MILEN research school 25. september 2013

The Role of Norway in a Renewable Europe

The mini-conference is a collaboration between the research school and six FMEs, Centres for Environment Friendly Research, CREE, CICEP, CenSES, Solar United, SUCCESS and NORCOWE.

The overall EU targets (2012) involve a 25% cut in green house gas emissions by 2020, 40 % cut by 2013 and 80 % cut by 2050. The SET Plan promotes provision of intensified international cooperation in order to push the development, marketing, deployment and accessibility of low carbon technology worldwide.

The mini-conference will discuss - How does Norway respond to this situation in terms of wind and solar energy production? And what is the role for the CCS industry?

The conference will take place at Toppsenteret in Forskningsparken, Oslo.


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