NORCOWE PhD defence at the University of Stavanger 21. juni 2013

Arunjyoti Sarkar will defend his PhD thesis entitled "Offshore Wind Turbines Supported by Monopiles" on Friday the 21st of June at the University of Stavanger. Sarkar's work is part of the NORCOWE Work Package 3: Design, installation and operation of offshore wind turbines.


His supervisors are professor Ove Tobias Gudmestad at the University of Stavanger and Daniel Karunakaran, chief engineer at Subsea 7 as well as adjunct professor at the University of Stavanger.


Before the defence, a trial lecture will take place: "Design basis for offshore wind turbines for shallow and deep waters". Both the trial lecture and the defence are open to the public.


The trial lecture starts at 10:00 and the defence starts at 12:15. Both are held in Kjølv Egelands Hus, Auditorium E-164, at the University of Stavanger

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